Relationship Compatibility – Am I Compatible With My Boyfriend?

Have you ever asked yourself the question, “Am I really compatible with my boyfriend?”.

Many people, involved in either heterosexual or same-sex relationships, go through an agonizing period of doubt about whether or not they can exist together successfully, or live together without major compatibility issues tearing their relationship apart.

There are numerous compatibility quizzes and tests for a boyfriend, both online and off, that make all sorts of claims of accuracy or dependability when it comes to determining if you have the right partner for you or not. But, how much faith or reliability can you place on these multiple choice “tests” of relationship compatibility?

Obviously, it would be foolish to rely completely on the results of a quiz of compatibility to govern the life or death of a relationship. To begin with, most publishers of these tests openly admit that they are created simply for entertainment value and to increase readership of relationship magazines or websites.

So, how can you judge, with far greater certainty, that your boyfriend might just be “Mr Right“? Is there an easier and less haphazard way of finding a guy who you just click with, or seems to fit perfectly with you?

Steps To Uncovering Boyfriend Compatibility.

Wouldn’t our existence be so much simpler and contented if we could choose the most compatible people to be part of our lives from the word go? The real truth is, it isn’t all that hard to do!

The first step to saying, “I am compatible with my boyfriend“, is to pick the right boyfriend! Sounds simple, huh?…Maybe not, so let’s have a look at what is involved in order to achieve our goal of relationship harmony.

#1 You need to know who you really are. What are your core values?

You should take a long, hard look at who you are, and make an effort to see yourself as others see you. This is the best way to ensure that anyone you meet will have similar interests and attributes. After all, if we don’t really know who we are deep down, we are only familiar with who we want to be.

It’s going to make it so much more difficult, or nearly impossible, to find a boyfriend we can get along with if we aren’t honest in our self-appraisal. (For the short term maybe, long term…no!)

In order for you to get in touch with the inner you, you need to take some time and figure out the things you’re really interested in, or passionate about.

There’s no right or wrong way of doing this. It’s basically identifying what your core values are, so you can find someone else with similarly strong, fundamental beliefs. This is the basis of discovering true relationship compatibility with another person.

#2 What do you want in a boyfriend?

Relationship Compatibility   Am I Compatible With My Boyfriend?
Relationship Compatibility   Am I Compatible With My Boyfriend? photo credit: r_gallant

After you’ve done your own personal assessment, it’s time to write down what characteristics you’d like in a possible partner.

Do you care if your man doesn’t totally share your interests? For example, will you be happy to go off and do your volunteer work while your boyfriend goes off and does something else in which you have little or no interest?

Now, you might say that you and your partner can’t always share common interests, and that’s O.K. But, what if this is more than an isolated occurrence? Some people believe that opposites attract, however, if you and your boyfriend aren’t able to share some related hobbies, causes or activities, then relationship troubles may well loom on the horizon.

And, it’s easy to ignore these compatibility issues to begin with, particularly if you find someone who you are very physically attracted to, but it’s most important that you consider this point seriously.

Looks and sexual attraction can, and do, fade over time and what you’ll be left with are the just core values of this person. And, if they don’t gel with yours, the two of you might find it hard to maintain a sound relationship that lasts.

#3 What measures can you take to prevent boyfriend incompatibility?

Of course, a sound way to ensure that you meet a guy with similar qualities, values and interests is to try and meet someone at the events where you are doing things you like to do most.

For example, if you actively pursue a green living lifestyle, or you’re a Muscle Car fanatic, more than likely you’ll be able to meet that special person who attends rallies, meetings and work-shops just like you. That way you know that the two of you will, at least, share certain things in common.

A word of caution though, you don’t want find someone who’s a “clone” of you. That would be a big mistake. Your relationship would get boring very quickly! What you do want, however, is a little bit of overlap, but also enough difference between the two of you to spice things up!

The advantage of having differing interests than those of your boyfriend is that when the two of you are together, you’ll be able to share with him any unique experiences. And, if you can share these experiences, it can lead to a new level of bonding in your romance.

By using the above suggestions as a guide, you can be more confident in openly stating, “I am compatible with my boyfriend“. Compatibility is a much sought after ingredient of a relationship. Having someone who understands and appreciates what makes you tick, someone who can relate to who and what you are, and you, in turn, can reciprocate these feelings to your partner, is a relationship to cherish.

Relationship Compatibility   Am I Compatible With My Boyfriend?
  • Kim

    Off course without compatibility no relationship can sustain for a long time . However it’s not always necessary to have common interests but there shouldn’t be much of differences in interests too.Things should be balanced .
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  • Tim

    I think many people avoid these compatibility tests because they don’t want to know the answer. Many couples are incompatible and it’s not necessarily a bad thing…they just need to learn to deal with it.
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