Cheating Boyfriend Test – Is Your Boyfriend Really Cheating On You?

Are you concerned that you’re boyfriend might be cheating on you? You’re so suspicious in fact, that you feel like giving your guy the dreaded “cheating boyfriend test“! But, before you take action, think carefully, you might just be over-reacting.

Why do you suspect he’s being unfaithful to you? What reasons do you have that indicate your boyfriend may be cheating? Are they strong enough to warrant you testing out your relationship? If so, how will you go about finding out “is my boyfriend cheating on me” without the risk of making things worse?

How Can I Tell If My Boyfriend Is Cheating On Me?

Cheating Boyfriend Test   Is Your Boyfriend Really Cheating On You?
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There are several things you can check for in your boyfriend’s behavior if you think he’s cheating. And, the first thing you can do if you have strong reason to suspect, is to simply ask him! Judging by his reaction to this straightforward approach could be enough of a cheating boyfriend test right there.

While you can’t expect a boyfriend who’s playing up behind your back just to admit it the second you ask, you can sometimes tell by the way he reacts to the question to whether or not it’s true. You know your boyfriend best and may be able to judge his response.

If you’ve ever known him to lie to another person, compare how he acts when answering you. Was he shocked by the question or did it seem like he was expecting it? And, are his answers to your probing a bit too well-rehearsed?

Signs Of A Cheating Boyfriend.

# A cheating boyfriend test can include several things to watch for. For example, when his cellphone rings, does he leave the room to take the call?

If that’s something that you know he does even when his mother calls, then that might not be a sign that anything’s up. But, if it’s become recent behavior, it could be a signal of infidelity!

If you ask him who called, does he either fumble around and search for an answer, or get annoyed and agitated that you’re even asking? Do his responses seem a bit too practiced? And, if you ask to see his phone, what does he do?

# When you’re not with him, does he still call you, or are you the one always making contact? One thing to try is to stop calling him and see what happens!

Does he call many people? If he’s on the phone a lot, but never manages to call you for some reason, you might have further cause to be suspicious of your boyfriend’s fidelity.

Am I Becoming Paranoid, Or Is My Boyfriend Really Cheating?

Your reasons for suspecting that he’s cheating should probably play a bigger part in your decision about whether or not he’s cheating than anything else.

Why do you suspect he might be cheating behind your back? Did you see or hear something for yourself, or did someone tell you something? Do you really trust the source of the information?

Be sure you don’t try to find things out just out of curiosity, because if there’s not good reason for you to suspect and he finds out, he would have the right to be angry.

A word of advice. If your boyfriend is completely innocent and hasn’t really given you any grounds to start questioning his behavior, your cheating boyfriend test could possibly bring an end to your relationship. At the very least, have some kind of tangible evidence that could support your reasons for doubting his commitment to you.

Cheating Boyfriend Test   Is Your Boyfriend Really Cheating On You?
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    Great post. In fact, it is so good that I am thinking about republishing it on my own dating blog. As far as I can tell, as long as I leave links to your site it would be okay to do so. I will let you know when and where I do, including a link to the post.

  • Dave

    paranoia is really not good. You need to get hard evidence otherwise you will go crazy an possibly ruin a relationship for nothing. It doesn’t matter if it’s a cheating husband or boyfriend, you need to have your facts right. Finding out your partners movements is important. If you think they’re lying about where they’ve been or where they’re going then a gps tracker of some sort would be the best way to put your mind at ease.

  • chi

    i think i did the ryt thing by dumping him coz he was never ther and neva clld. and he spied on me more than once and he lied to me a lot, so i guess my reason is self-eplainatory

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