College Dating – Want Some College Love Advice?

For many teenagers, going to college is not just about getting an education. Surprised? You shouldn’t be. Becoming involved in the social life of the college, dating other students, it’s all part and parcel of their new experiences.

But, what makes college romances or relationships sometimes so difficult?

Well, to begin with, college students have to deal with the huge transition of being totally responsible for themselves personally, their academic results and the expectations of parents, as well as those they place on themselves.

Added to this already enormous task, they are required to cope with cutting off long term relationships with family and friends, because they’ve moved away to college. This can be quite traumatic for some students.

How difficult is it to get a handle on all these personal, physical, emotional and academic challenges? Just think about it for a minute, a college student has to cope with:

* moving away from home
* losing long standing relationships
* leaving behind their emotional support system – (family, friends, place of worship, etc.)
* dealing with other students of various backgrounds

Is it any wonder that dating in college can become more complicated than it needs to be?

Perhaps some simple college love advice is required.

Don’t get too serious about a relationship, you have enough to deal with already. Becoming overly involved with someone isn’t recommended. Of course, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t date, just keep the relationship uncomplicated and fun!

By keeping your college dating less serious you can focus on the enjoyment of getting to know other people. Conversely, being too hot and heavy can only lead to creating problems down the track, especially if you have a break up or something else goes wrong.

Your college romances should be enjoyable, fun times, not challenging or upsetting, which can adversely affect the real reason you’re at college for in the first place, to advance your education!

College Dating   Want Some College Love Advice?
College Dating   Want Some College Love Advice? photo credit: blatch

On a positive note, however, if you approach dating at college with a lighter, carefree approach, you never know, your college love affair might develop into something special, even after college is over.

Many people have met their current spouses when they were in college. If things turn out this way, then that’s great. But, a word of caution, don’t go dating at college with the mindset of finding your future husband or wife, that’s not a healthy attitude or approach.

Simply let things take their course, and if it’s meant to happen, it will! Then you can look back and cherish the memories of your college dating experience.