Give and Take in a Relationship – Do You Respect Your Partner?

In a world that is perfect and sublime, people in relationships would show each other equal respect and love. However, we live in a world that is certainly NOT perfect, and partner equality is NOT the norm, and give and take in a relationship is definitely NOT equal!

Are you in a relationship where you feel as though you’re bending over backwards, doing all the giving while your partner is always taking? If so, then you need to examine why you have such a lop-sided arrangement.

Give and Take in a Relationship   Do You Respect Your Partner?You really need to sit down and take a long, hard look at this less than ideal situation. Are you the one who always makes the coffee, breakfast in bed, or slaves in the kitchen making your partner’s favorite meals or treats? Maybe you also spoil them by running a bath and giving back rubs, or do countless other favors to make sure your partner is happy and contented. And, what do you get in return?

Now, while you might say you do all these little loving things, and don’t expect anything back, just who are you trying to fool?

Think about it for a minute. You run around after your partner as though you’re their personal maid or butler, but what does he or she do for you, where is the mutual respect? Relationships are not a one-way street. There has to be equal give and take in a relationship from both parties. If this doesn’t happen, then it has little chance of surviving.

In all seriousness, if you are doing all the things mentioned above, and you’re not receiving similar treatment, then you should be asking the question – Why? Putting it another way, are you essential in your partner’s life, or are you simply an accessory to him or her? You need a straight answer!

Should your partner believe that their wants and needs are far more important than yours, then you have a problem. If other things and people tend to take priority over you, and your feelings are continually being neglected, then something is really out of balance in your relationship. It needs to be corrected without delay!

Unfortunately, this is a type of imbalance in relationships, where one person isn’t a priority to the other, that happens more often than not. If one person is feeling as though they aren’t important, and they don’t really matter to the other person, the relationship begins to deteriorate quickly.

Give and Take in a Relationship   Do You Respect Your Partner?For a couple to co-exist successfully in a relationship there must be an evenness of give and take. Neither person’s feelings or desires should take precedence over the other in any shape or form. There has to be equality, and if this harmony cannot be achieved, perhaps the relationship requires an honest re-evaluation to see if it’s worth continuing, or even saving!