Relationship Questions – What Are The Signs Of A Great Relationship?

While there are many relationship questions people seek answers to, one of the most asked by both men and women concerns the notion of the “perfect relationship”. Is there such a thing? What does a great relationship look like? And, is it possible to develop and promote that “one-in-a-million” union between you and your partner?

The answers to relationship questions like these hinges greatly upon your notion of what an ideal relationship looks like. What’s your definition of a perfect romantic relationship?…

Relationship Questions   What Are The Signs Of A Great Relationship?
Relationship Questions   What Are The Signs Of A Great Relationship? photo credit: suneko

Many people base their visions of what a great relationship should be like from a wide variety of examples, such as:

# The relationship their mom and dad shared. (of course, only if it is/was a happy, loving union)

# What they see on TV “soapies” or sitcoms.

# Romance and relationships “Hollywood style”.

# And, especially for women, the relationships portrayed in novels, e.g. the “Mills & Boon” genre, and magazines.

Obviously, these are not the only ways people decide upon their ideal relationship. What appeals to one person, might not suit the next. Once again, there’s no “one-size-fits-all” solution!

Does Your Relationship Stand Up To Questioning?

Now, if you’re reading this article, it’s probably safe to say that you are involved in some sort of relationship; marriage, living together or, perhaps, you’re dating someone, seriously or otherwise. More than likely, you already know if your relationship is working well or not. But, you may also be thinking to yourself, “Can the relationship I have with my partner be better?“…”What would help improve the relationship we share?“…an so on.

Signs of a Great Relationship.

If you’ve ever asked yourself relationship questions like those above, you may find the following points well worth thinking about.

* Do you respect each other? A strong relationship is one where you listen to what your mate has to say and you respect their thoughts and feelings. No putting each other down, especially for a laugh in front of others or to feel superior for whatever reason. You and your partner are equals in the relationship; unfortunately, that’s something some people tend to forget!

* A great relationship isn’t all about you! Do you support your partner emotionally? Do you ask for his or her opinion on how to handle something? Are you genuinely interested in your partner’s day-to-day activities and do you encourage them when they’re struggling? Do you show little acts of love, kindness and thoughtfulness toward your significant other without prompting or expecting a pay-back?

* In order to have a solid relationship you need to have very good communication skills. Don’t let little things build up, talk them out. Also, tell your mate what your needs are and don’t expect him or her to just automatically know what pleases you. It’s quite natural to have arguments in a relationship, but disagreements need to be fair fights!

No “hitting below the belt” as such and solutions need to be agreed upon. Try to reach a conclusion whenever you don’t see eye-to-eye with each other. Remember, arguing should be about finding a solution to a problem, not solely about who wins!

* A healthy relationship offers each of you time apart. Each of you is an individual and should be able to operate as a whole person when you are apart from each other. It’s important to have your own space too. Conversely, your relationship together should not be alone or hidden from the rest of the world. Can the two of you, as a couple, socialize well and develop sound relationships with other couples?

* Another factor in relationships is whether you both share equally in the daily responsibilities. Communication is key here. Who pays the bills, who cooks, cleans and brings home the paycheck(s)? Figure it all out to the satisfaction of both involved so you don’t spend time in your relationship feeling dissatisfied and resentful of one another.

* If you spend your time looking for the good in your partner, you definitely will find an abundance of good in them. However, on the other hand, if you’re concentrating on the little things you don’t like about their personality, you’ll give those things too much attention and they can grow out of proportion. Remember, everyone has faults, even you! Relationship Questions   What Are The Signs Of A Great Relationship?

Therefore, to sum up, it stands to reason that having a great relationship doesn’t just happen magically. Just like a plant, it needs to be fed and watered to keep growing in a healthy manner. Asking yourself and your partner pertinent relationship questions, and perhaps taking note of what’s been mentioned above, can assist in the positive development of what you share as a couple.

Most importantly, work on the weaknesses, as well as celebrating and promoting the strengths, and turn your relationship into a truly great one!

Relationship Questions   What Are The Signs Of A Great Relationship?
  • Jim Olah

    I like your post. In our day and age I think your point about a relationship not being all about you is so important. It’s intereesting that a relationship really grows when we don’t focus on getting what we want but helping a person get what they want too. We see too much selfishness in our society.

    I have been working with couples for over 30 years and find the ones who are committed to each other really have the best relationships.

    Over the years I developed a list of questions for couples who are contemplating marriage. I just published it as a Kindle book on Amazon under the title “Questioning your Relationship”. Check it out and there are a lot more questions to help in your relationship.

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  • Ryan

    Good post. You pointed out some real good characteristics of a healthy relationship. Your readers might like to also check out this dating advice column.