Your Scorpio Boyfriend – Are You Ready For A Wild, Passionate Relationship?

Are you romantically involved with a guy whose star sign is Scorpio? If so, you’ve paired up with one of the more passionate signs of the Zodiac!

Your Scorpio boyfriend won’t only show strong emotions in love and intimacy, as his enthusiasm spreads to every activity he does. He’ll be totally immersed in all of his interests, not only his job, the sports he plays or his hobbies, but, if he loves you, your Scorpio man will be all about making sure you’re happy.

Your Scorpio Boyfriend   Are You Ready For A Wild, Passionate Relationship?
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Even though Scorpios are highly driven individuals, generally speaking, they’re aware of how to balance work and play. However, Scorpios can be less patient that some other star-signs and tend to display that ‘all or nothing approach’ toward things in their lives.

For example, while a Capricorn guy might make long-term plans and be more than happy to move along slowly toward a goal, knowing he’s achieving it little by little, a Scorpio man would rather put it all out there right from the start as a means of achieving what he wants.

Scorpios also really enjoy the good things in life. Once he discovers the little luxuries that make a person feel pampered and special, he won’t want to do without them. So, beware, he has expensive tastes and things like dining at the finer restaurants and seeing movies in a better theater with larger more comfy seats and better sound and, perhaps taking vacations in more exotic locations are very important to him.

This love of luxury can have it’s downside, as it is a Scorpio’s tendency to go to extremes and excesses. Often, a Scorpio boyfriend can appear greedy or self-centered when it comes to food, drink or anything else that can be stretched to the limit. Depending on how you look at it, overdoing it is a hallmark of being born during this star sign!

Scorpio is represented by a scorpion, and we all know that scorpions have pincers and stingers in their tails. So watch out when Scorpios get angry. Once they lose their temper, it’s well and truly lost!

Many Scorpios actually have very short tempers and can remain angry for a long time. Just as they may take other things to excess and stretch the boundaries, Scorpios can lose it over very small issues. And, they can hold a grudge for a lifetime, so be wary of that short fuse!

Your Scorpio boyfriend will also have a very finely-tuned sense of reality. Don’t even try try to trick him or fool him, because he’ll more than not, see right through your attempts at deception. Many Scorpios seem to have a ‘built-in lie detector’ or those proverbial ‘eyes in the backs of their heads’!

Scorpio’s can be very blunt in what they say as they have a strong sense of truth and honesty. And, sometimes this trait can lead to unwanted confrontation as this ‘tell it like it is’ approach can be most disarming in close relationships.

Also, many Scorpios are unflinching when it comes to things like death and dying. Humor from the ‘Dark Side’ or ‘gallow’s humor’ being their favorites.

Certain other signs of the Zodiac have better compatibility with Scorpios. For instance, if you’re a Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn, you have the best compatibility. Those are Earth Signs, while a Scorpio is a Water Sign. Also, Cancer and Pisces, both water signs like Scorpio, should be be able to get along too.

So, what does it take to have a successful relationship with a Scorpio man? Perhaps, if your star signs are compatible, there may be fewer challenges along the way. However, if you take into account what’s been said above, you may be better prepared to cope with the passionate and sometimes volatile nature of Scorpios.

But, regardless of what sign you are, if you really are in love and want to make things work with your Scorpio boyfriend, you can. Just go for it, it’ll be a wild ride!

Your Scorpio Boyfriend   Are You Ready For A Wild, Passionate Relationship?