Scorpio Women – Truth About A Scorpio Woman In Love And Relationships

Are you in a romantic relationship with a Scorpio woman? Lucky you! A Scorpio woman in love can give you a long-term relationship full of passion and romance. But, be warned, if you don’t do it right, there are plenty of ways to make mistakes with a woman under this sign of the Zodiac!

You need to appreciate that a Scorpio isn’t like any of the other star signs. While they’re all unique in their own way, few can be as unashamedly passionate as a Scorpio. Look at the scorpion, it will give you a hint why a Scorpio woman in love can be dangerous if she is wronged!

Scorpio Women   Truth About A Scorpio Woman In Love And Relationships
Scorpio Women   Truth About A Scorpio Woman In Love And Relationships photo credit: furryscaly

Scorpions can move fast on all those legs, and they can be sneaky about it. They have a hard shell that protects them from danger. And, while Scorpions will generally try to stay out of your way, they have a wicked stinger that they’ll readily use to protect themselves!

Most Scorpions aren’t deadly or even terribly dangerous. But that stinger can cause severe pain! Just like the spider-like creature, a Scorpio woman will go to great lengths to protect herself, simply by getting out of the way and blocking things with a hard outer shell. But beware, she’ll also sting if she is provoked!

In a Scorpio woman relationship, if things start to go bad, you might end up be the most horrible person on earth. And, a Scorpio woman won’t hesitate to point out to you just how rotten you are. And, to puzzle you even more, this can come right after she’s been telling you just how wonderful you are!

The potential for extremes is always present in a relationship with this Zodiac sign. For Scorpios, things are rarely ever gray or O.K. They’re either black or white with no middle ground. In fact, they’re usually the deepest, darkest black and the brightest, most blinding white!

So when a Scorpio loves you and is happy with you, you’ll practically be “Mr. Wonderful“. Do the wrong thing and you’ll most likely end up being the devil reincarnated!

If you’re in a relationship with a Scorpio woman, you’re probably used to having your inventory taken. She knows your good points and probably does what she can to encourage you to show them more often. She also is aware of every flaw you have, no matter how small.

Scorpios are good at noting flaws in others and are sometimes far too critical. This tendency comes out even more when things aren’t going well. Every mistake you’ve ever made could be brought up, list-style, when she’s not happy with you.

The good news is that these extremes can make a Scorpio relationship one of the most passionate and fulfilling you’ll ever know. Scorpio’s love of extremes also show themselves in thoughtfulness, so be prepared to be doted on when things go well.

And, there may be extremes in the bedroom, as well! If things aren’t ‘fairytale romantic’ and slow, they’re probably a little kinky and hugely passionate. Scorpios really like surprises and unexpected love-filled gestures, so don’t let anything get boring or humdrum. If you can keep surprising and exciting your Scorpio lover in romantic ways, you’ll have the time of your life!

A relationship with a Scorpio woman in love can be a demanding one, but one that’s well worth getting right.

Scorpio Women   Truth About A Scorpio Woman In Love And Relationships
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    hahah me and my boyfriend read this and we found this very true about me and he is a libra so…its a very emontional and exciting relationship

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    hi m a scorpion girl….
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