Should I Break Up With My Boyfriend? Will Taking A Quiz Help?

If you’re thinking about taking a “should I break up with my boyfriend” quiz, in all honesty, you probably already have your answer. A “should I break up” type of quiz isn’t something a woman considers unless she has some real doubts about the relationship she has with her man.

If you’re unhappy in your relationship or you don’t think your guy treats you properly, maybe you should forget about taking the quiz. You probably already know what the results will reveal! But, then again, you may be curious and want some sort of verification of your feelings before you decide to take any action.

Should I Break Up With My Boyfriend? Will Taking A Quiz Help?
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Before taking a “should I break up with my boyfriend” quiz, keep in mind that most of these relationship-type quizzes are put together more for entertainment value than anything else. While they may point to certain aspects of a relationship that could be improved, you shouldn’t simply base your decision of whether or not to leave your boyfriend because of the results of the quiz. That would be naive!

Can Relationship Quizzes Be Useful?

Only if you understand the reason behind the quiz. As said previously, many of these quizzes are made for fun, they’re not meant to be taken seriously. So, with that in mind, you might want to compare your relationship with your boyfriend with what the quiz considers to be a “good” and “bad” relationship.

If it’s a “should I break up with my boyfriend” quiz you find online, especially at a website where you can take quiz after quiz after quiz, on almost any subject you can think of, then be sensible enough to realize that anyone and their aunt can make these quizzes. Even you could make one advising people when to break up! They’re just based on what one person thinks, they shouldn’t be taken as reliable relationship advice.

On the other hand, if it’s a quiz from a reputable magazine and was perhaps created by someone with actual human relations or relationship expertise, then you may be able to take the answers/results a little more seriously. Even so, although the quiz might appear to be completely sincere, you shouldn’t break up with your boyfriend only based on the outcome of the quiz.

Read the results carefully and decide if they’re really accurate for your situation. These quizzes aren’t designed to actually tell you what to do when it comes to your boyfriend. They’re designed more to give you guidelines about how things “should be” in your relationship under certain circumstances.

However, if the answers you receive about your relationship with your boyfriend vary greatly from what the quiz author believes to be a healthy and normal relationship, you might want to examine things a little more closely and seek further advice from someone you trust.

To sum up, if you’re even contemplating using a “should I break up with my boyfriend quiz”, you obviously have doubts about whether or not you want to be with your partner. Do you really need a quiz to tell you that there’s something wrong??

Should I Break Up With My Boyfriend? Will Taking A Quiz Help?
  • Sammy

    Clara ur in an emotionally abusive relationship…get out and fast
    i know its easier said than done but if ur still with him u probably already feel worse

  • Clara

    Hello everyone,

    I need some advice. I had been dating my ex for (would be 6 months today). From the start he would over-react over small things, almost hyperventilate even! Then, he would blame me it on me, saying the reason he acted in such way was because of an action of mine or something I sad when really, what I said or done never, ever, justified that extreme behavior! Throughout the entire relationship he’s blamed me for absolutely everything. Here is a funny but sad part, he would fart around me all of the time! Sometimes even on me and would get extremely (once again huge fits) if I ever got mad or complained or asked him to stop, he would say I didn’t like him for who he was and that was obsessed with him and trying to control him! Also, he’s in a band, and now that he just landed a record deal, he said that if he took me on tour I’d have to be o.k with him leading other girls on (fans). Don’t get me wrong, he’s the type of guy who doesn’t mess around, in fact, he hates most girls (he’s the sensitive, intellectual guy) so I know that most likely he would never cheat on me, however, I do not trust him, he’s broken far too many promises and lied over trivial things, and would always apologize and tell me that if I didn’t forgive him I did not love him. Recently he simply seemed to stop caring when first he cared a little too much, he wouldn’t ask me how my day was and how things were with me, and when I told him I was sad about us he simply replied with “ok” so when I finally called it quits a couple of days ago he was extremely mean to me, later he apologized and said once more blamed his behavior on my actions and told me that I should have let him express why he was acting in such careless way instead of simply telling him I was sad about us, he was very angry about that. One more thing, it always seemed to me that he would tell me things about me that weren’t true almost as if he was talking about himself, bad things. It was always very odd. What do you make of my story? I’d love to hear it! Sometimes I wonder if he was right and I am crazy!

  • Jocelyn

    Okay so my boyfriend and I have been dating for 6 months and its been great. The thing is I just went home (I’ve been away at shcool) for the summer, and we now have a 3 hour distance between us. We’ve been fighting a lot since I left, mostly because he says I text him too much and I say he doesn’t text me at all. He was supposed to come here this weekend to visit but ended up not coming because we got into a fight again. I love him a lot and my relationship with him as been amazing but he keeps saying that he can’t handle me being this crazy while I’m at home and I keep saying I don’t deserve to be treated like this. Because when hes out with his friends at home he refuses to text me at all or call me, and it really worries me as to what hes doing sometimes because they like to go to the bar a lot. Please help me figure out what to do I’m at a loss here and I just feel terrible about everything right now and have no idea what to do :(

    • jonel

      Seems from what you’ve written that your ‘boyfriend’ might not be ready for the type of relationship you want. Why not cool it for a while, text him less, and see how he reacts. Then you’ll know if your relationship is going to work out or not.

  • skylar

    well my freind is in a relationship and her boyfreind is so okward he will love her up and all and then his friend comes over and then he gets all stupid me and my freind have been talking and i think he is being childish but she thinks otherwise she thinks he s alright and i have to confince her to not let him treat her like that and i also need HELP any advice from anyone ..
    i also caught him kissing another girl and that girl is the ex freind of my freind that has the okward boyfreind but i cant tel herthat because she will get a broken heart so if anyone out there has advice to HELP me let her down soft please write back too my comment thanks


  • jessicaa

    butt what if u cant break up wit ur bf face to face?
    me and him have been dateing 4 amost a mouth and he is 23 and im 17. i dont know what to he says he wants to b wit me 4 the rest of his lifee!!!! and last week he told me he loves me but the onlt thing is i dont love him i cant b wit him and i dont know whatt to do. like the 1ST week is was dating he said he wa falling 4 me.

    should i dump him orr nott????


  • taylor

    so my boyfriend and i have been dating for a while. but he asked me out when he has another girlfriend! and she doesnt know that hes cheating on her. and he wont decide between me or her. he says hes in love with me and im in love with him too:) what should i do? break up with him and wait for him to decide or stay with him?

    • admin

      In situations like this, it’s so easy just to follow your heart. But, I think this time you should listen to your head. Who’s to say this guy won’t cheat on you the same way he’s cheating on his current girlfriend?

  • Noel

    me and my bf have been together for 2 monthes and i think hes cheatin what do i do

    • admin

      Do you have any real proof your boyfriend is cheating on you? You’ll need hard evidence before you can or should take any action.

  • Annonamus

    I need help my boyfriend is worred about his friends more than me.He will leave me to hang ot with his friends,i dont want to break up with him because Ive tryed for 2 years to goout with him.So idk help>please

    • admin

      My advice would be for you to sit down and talk to your boyfriend. Let him know how you feel and find out what he thinks. Your boyfriend might not realize he’s upsetting you, etc. Open the lines of communication – it does work.

  • http://yahoo zaria

    i think my man is cheating on me with my sis but i love him and i know he loves me helpppppppppppppp :(

  • Augustine

    I have been with my bf for 3 years. In the first year I was really difficult to be with, bad temper and demanding. But he told me about it and I changed a lot. I used to have a very messy room but now I pack my room every 3 days to make sure it is clean when he gets back. He changed his job to interior designer and his income is no longer stable like when I started to know him. I used to have pocket money from him but now Im mostly depending on myself. He used to be so caring, always apologising first but now, after I changed he no longer to do that wait for me to apologised. There was once we quarrelled and he actually walk out of the house. Recently he just keeps playing computer games and don’t bring me out anymore unless I say I need to go somewhere for something. Then today he actually walked off away from me I and didnt even know he left. He hasnt called since its more than 16hrs already. I no longer feel important in his life but I don’t know how should I break it out to him because he lives with me, i dont wanna make it like im chasing him away. But im sick of not getting any attention from him at all.

  • Micki

    My boyfriend and I have been dating for 2 weeks and I’m on winter break in Arkansas I try to call him but he dosent answer or call back… I’m kinda wondering if he even likes me, I like him ALOT. And I know when I get back from Arkansas we will see eachother. What should I tell him?? So my question is should I break up with him&& what should I tell him when I get back?

  • http://Tiana123 Tiana Scales

    Like a two week’s ago my boyfriend said it’s over so I was crying heard and everbody said im a dick because every singe day I was crying and my friends keep saying move on but nobody is helping me.and I don’t undersand what I did like I did nothing to him and this is how he show me that he love and I love him sooooooooo much

  • miserychicklon

    ok my bf and I have been together since we were 17, we’re 21 now. Jus moved together a year ago, everything was all well and good until around the ending of sept beginning of oct when he started hanging out wit aguy from work. Repeatedly he’s told me how this guy cheats on his girl and talks to co-workers than goes home. So they’ve been hanging out and as time went by, I quit my job and have been trying to go back to school which all the stress is making impossible! So he’d been coming home later and later, he never spends time with me anymore always gone, our sex life has went from 3x a day to 3x week and we argue constantly. As of recent, a break is good and I’ve suggested it many times, he won’t do it and he doesn’t want to end it. I just don’t feel comfortable with “us” anymore and maybe I am overracting but it’s way better than feelling depressed. Any advice is extremely helpful

  • Joyce

    I was looking for an advice about breaking up with my boyfriend

  • http://facebook charmie

    be honest to my self how …?
    also how to lie to my self???
    can’t understand…

  • http://facebook charmie

    how could i say yes to a person i’m not sure that i love him…??
    i just hurt his feeling for no reason i’m so bad..!!
    break up,for unreasonable …!! never been appreciate my love for him,,, :’(

  • Angie

    Adriana.. i’m sorry but i think u should break up with him.. well for one reason.. i’ve been there and well.. a guy u never trusts and once his out of ur sight u’re always worried about whatever terrible he is doing.. well out of personal experience.. ”Once a cheater ,always a cheater” and the drugs thing is way too complicated to vanish in a night.. i’m sorry but i’ll just ask u this..”can you picture urself with him for the rest of ur life..with doubt killing u.. do you think u deserve that?!! Can u depend on him and trust him with kids,ur house or even ur car..? and well.. Can do u even feel safe in such atmosphere.. is this really what u ”need” and here please let me draw the difference between ”want” and ”need”
    well.. i think u deserve something better !!! Go for it.. we live we shouldv’t throw ourselves in a deep well !

  • Chloe

    oh dear! i love my boyfriend so much but he hasnt talked to me for almost a week. i really like him and i know he likes me too but i think that maybe i cant trust him any more. ive heard twi times that he has been cheating on me but i dont know if its true or not.

    HELP PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(

  • cami

    i have a bf who is so sweet and nice and fun and funny but the thing is i dont really LOVE him i still think of him as a friend but hes not …. the one

  • Caramel

    Hi my bf an i have been 2gether for three months already,the problem is he loves me to much an im not inlove with him i want to dump but i cant cause ikw he wont take it well.what can i do?

  • Sophia

    Me and my boyfriend been daiting for 10 months now, he’s broken up with me twice cheated on me more than once, but i really love him and since like it’s almost 1 year together i really dont know what too do , i dont know what he’s doing, probably cheating. We see eachother 1 a week and we hang out cuz i also what too be his best friend than just being in a relationship, and feeling that he’s cheating on me it’s normal and good well too know that i’m scared of losing him, i really love him, and i feel like this is a game and i’m just player that’s going too lose in the end and going too look stupid at the end. I need advice and help ; cuz too me it’s a really tough decision. I always see that girls aways be flirtin with him but atleast he doesn’t flirt back hopfully. What should i do ? Get backk @ me (:

  • taylor

    i just broke up wit mi bf last night but he moved and i miss
    him :( and still love him wat should i do

    HELP PLZ !!!!!!!!!!!

  • brianaax3

    Soo ihave this boyfriend and he’s kinda sneaky ; like he told me if it was okay if he messes around with some girl , like what the hell ? Of course not if your mines ? And im just wondering if he’s messen around with me like he did with that other girl ; but he had girlfriends in the past , he broke up with themmm of course ; – we been going out for almost a month now , ireally want this to work but my question is does he ? He says he does , but ithink its just another game and nothing serious ; were still young and there’s much more to life , and iknow were not gonna be together for ever but im thinking of breaking up with him now , but the thing is we act like were really in love , idnt know even know if this is real love or is it just a game ? Either way ithink he be messen ; but ireally really do like him ; icant say ireally love him because if ireally loved him iwouldnt even be thinking about breaking up with him ;
    Soo anyways that’s why im asking should ibreak up with him ?

    – brianaababeyx3 =-*

  • Jane Clemson

    One of the hardest things about breaking up is that pit in your stomach feeling and bout of depression that can follow. A lot of people fall into this despair and either wallow in self pitty or get back into the bad relationship.

    Its important to stay strong, to eat right, sleep well… This is when your personal health is most important because you NEED it to help you make it through these emotional times… If you are not physically prime, your brain and emotions wont be prime either.
    .-= Jane Clemson´s last blog ..Fight Back Depression =-.

  • Ave

    my boyfriend and i have been going out for about 2 month at first my friend liked him but i knew he like me and so did everyone else i got coulght up in all the hype people were say we should go out and that we were perfect together so we went on a few dates and we were “bf&gf” a few weeks had pasted and i came to my senses and relized 1) he likes me way more than i like him 2) i really didt like him he was not my type 3) we were going no where fast. iv been ignoring him for a while but i want to tell him but i dont think i could do that i mean he REALLY likes me im pretty sure he loves me

  • ashley

    okay me and my boyfriend have been going out since christmas at first we were really close but now we never get to talk so he talks to my best friend who talks to me….i really dont like that. if he wants to tell me something he can just tell me face to face! plus he just follows me around like i’m his whole life and i didn’t know we were that serious cuz, well, like i said,he doesn’t talk to me in person! so i was having thoughts of break up so i told m friend that he talks to. then she went al crazy saying i cannt do thAt cuz he told her that he loved me!!!! my birthday is in a week so she said he was gonna get me somethin memorable. soook i need help!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jen

    im not sure where to start really. i was with a guy for 9 months and at first mom loved him but whenever he wouldnt let me have any space at all and was always txting and calling when i was out she said she hated him. it caused problems between me and him and i broke up with him. i would go through so many mood swings and thats never happened before. i was so lost and because i didnt know what to do anymore, and because mom always yelled at me, and said im pityful and and she called me a liar all the time when i would stay with him, also saying she has no faith in me at all, i broke up with him. it hurt him so bad and i hated it so much. im 19 and mom thinks she knows best. he was this amazing guy, a guy any girl would be lucky to have. i was so happy with him and mom told everyone i changed into this mean person when that wasnt the truth. i just dont know if i made the right decision or not. =( any advice?

  • Rose

    I’ve been dating with my boyfriend for about 5 months now. I found out that’s he is stingy and not romantic, is not that he don’t pay for me but he very good calculate in his mind make sure we even out the expense or i’m the one that pay more. He stay at my place every weekend and sleep over some week night. Never buy body wash or laundry detergent to refill for me when i ran out. I’m the one that buy groceries and cooked all the time..He help me out once in a while but nothing compare to what i’ve spend. I was expect that he might ask if i need him help out some utility or groceries bills, since he is staying at my place a lots. But he never do. We when out once a week he bought me 1st drink but never ask if i want another one after i finish that drink. On special occasion i got him presents and cards writing all sweet things on it. But him never get me any card, Even on the Valentine he don’t even get me flower. I’m frustraded….He always say that he love me so much with all his heart….Oh, we texted a lots but he never call me after work. Maybe once in a while only if we have problem….I love him but i’m frustrated. And the money issue is bother me, My lifestyle is different then him. I’m a giving type of person. I don’t mind sharing what i have with the one that i love, but i also want my lover to do the same to me….Should i breaks up with him…I don’t know what to do that’s why i’m up here and asking for help…Please give me advice base on your experience. Thank you so much and God Bless you all. Btw. Please excuse my english..I’m not very good english. Thank you.

  • amy

    i dont trust my boyfriend at all,should we really be together. trust is the the foundation and without that there is nothing,is that true?

    • admin


      I think you’ve answered your own question. Honestly ask yourself why you don’t trust your boyfriend, talk to him about it and then go from there. Remember, always do what’s best for you.

  • Dawn

    okay. so heres the thing. my boyfriend used to be the kind of person i loved to be around and could tell anything to..but hes changed. he doesnt have a phone so i have no way of getting in contact with him; we cant meet out of school bc my parents hate him & at school when he’s with all his friends hes a major doushe. but the part is i really like him when we’re alone, but thats basically the only time. i just dont know if our relationship is worth all my worry & drama with everyone about it. should i break up with him or just try and talk to him?? am i overreacting??? someone helppp. pleaseee! kthanks. (:

    • admin

      Hi Dawn,

      To begin with, I think you need to find out why your parents dislike your boyfriend. Then ask your bf why he acts the way he does at school. Communication is the key! Have your opinions, but listen to what people are saying. Remember, relationships are meant to be fun & fulfilling. Unhappiness or drama shouldn’t be consuming your relationships, especially as you seem quite young. Whether you should break up with your boyfriend or not – well, work out what’s best for YOU and go from there. Jonel.

  • carmen

    if a guy ignores you…………… ignore him! do not give him the satasfaction of you being all up inhis face and begging for him to go back to you. Hes obviously not a man if he cant say to your face that its over. Move on….once you have done this he will probably be crawling back to you. People like what they cant have. Learn from this experience. In yournext relationship never spoil him or make him think your world revolves around him. He will then treat you with the respect that you deserve because he will not want to lose you.

    • admin

      Whoa! Strong advice! I like what you say and would only add that a relationship is a two-way street. Both people involved need to learn to give and take. Jonel.

  • kokeshi

    Ok, so I switched schools because i was moved into a different part of town- my boyfriend and i were going out ever since the beggining of october- on my last day, he didnt say anything- he just gave my a hug and a goodbye- all my other friends got me things, and ones that i woulodnt b able to see wrote letters and things. So, i figured that since i wouldn’t be able to see him anymore, i would just have to brake up with him- so i id via IM. Once i told him that we were over, he logged off and he hasnt logged onto anything for a week, I think I broke his heart because I told him that I loved him and then i just broke up with him- Did i do the right thing?? Please I really need help!

  • adriana

    i read this but i still didn’t understand it after reading it, but i
    should just tell you what’s going on. my boyfriend has been ignoring
    me for the last 2 weeks and i have no idea why. then he left me a
    message on my computer saying ” sorry i haven’t talked to you” and
    that’s it. then i start to think ” why isn’t he asking me to go to
    his house anymore with all the free time he has “. i can’t find any
    way to contact him and i really want to know what’s wrong. should i
    break up with him or not ?? i know it sounds crazy to just break up with him just because of this but there’s way more that you need to know. my boyfriend is someone i really can’t trust and god knows what he’s doing right now, drugs, cheating on me, or doing something stupid. the main question is should i break up with him or not ?? please if anyone is reading this help me. i need to know what to do. i beg you !!!!!!!!!!!!

    • admin


      Unfortunately, by what you say, I think your boyfriend might have broken up with you :( However, you really need to make every effort to talk to him face-to-face before you make any decision about ending your relationship. Only you and your boyfriend can answer what you ask, no-one else can tell you what to do. Good Luck!