Is Your Spouse Cheating On You? How To Find Out.

Suspicions that your spouse is cheating on you in your marriage can lead to unpleasant and often ugly situations. The signs of a cheating spouse can sometimes be very obvious, however, there are times when these indications of infidelity by a partner are so well hidden that they are almost impossible to spot.

Not knowing if your wife or husband is being faithful causes feelings of distrust and uncertainty in once what were loving relationships, often resulting in marital breakups and ultimately divorce.

How can you indentify for sure the signs of a cheating spouse? It’s not always easy and there’s the real possibility that what appears on the surface to be unfaithfulness in a marriage by your partner may, in fact, be imagined or misinterpreted.

Having a set definition of what constitutes “cheating” in a marriage is not always cut and dry. Relationships, just like the people in them are unique. What spells infidelity or adultery in one marital situation, may not be applicable to another.

Is Your Spouse Cheating On You? How To Find Out.

However, if you are in the unenviable perdicament of doubting your spouse’s faithfulness as to what you consider to be right or wrong in a marriage relationship, perhaps the following article can shed some light on some obvious indicators of cheating spouses.

Is Your Spouse Being Faithful?

It’s a topic that fascinates many, but people don’t like to discuss on a personal level. How can you tell if a spouse is cheating? Are there any concrete signs outside of physically catching them? There are several classic “signs” you can look for, however for concrete proof, you will likely need photographs, voice recordings, or other such irrefutable evidence.

This can be very unstable territory. You may have the instinctive “gut” feeling, but aren’t sure of who to turn to. Relatives may or may not help matters. Friends may or may not be trustworthy. Private investigators can be incredibly expensive and you may not find the quality professional you would like in your area.

This simply means you need to take matters into your own hands. First, do you believe your suspicion is grounded? Have you experienced personal issues recently that might manifest in insecurity? If nothing has changed in your life, it’s time to examine that of your spouse. These symptoms can be common for both men and women. The most important element to maintain is your composure. If your spouse suspects you are on to their activities, they will be extra careful, and it will be twice as difficult to catch them.

The most noticeable symptom will likely be distance. They don’t want to spend time with you or have interest in being intimate. They may seem to struggle for reasons to avoid spending time with you or your family. They may also have a new interest in privacy and won’t talk on the telephone or answer a text message until you are out of visibility.

Have they recently taken a surprising interest in their appearance? Have they recently became secretive? Do they hide credit card statements or pay stubs from you? Do they hide cell phone records or insist that only they answer their phone? Do they get a few too many calls that they attribute to “pranks?”

You may notice unusual computer habits. They may wait to go online when everyone else is in bed or they may fake insomnia as a reason to be on the computer. They may have a “free” email account. Around 30 percent of those frequenting online dating services are already married.

The first step that has been effective for many is a hidden camera. Technology today has created cameras that are perfect for such purposes. Most are small and can fit through pin holes, under doors, and hidden easily. Voice recorders are wonderful and provide a great alternative to catching what your spouse is saying on their private telephone calls.

You can use your internet browser’s “history” to see what sites have been visited or if it appears your spouse is deleting their history. There is software available that will let you track computer usage. No matter what method you use just remain calm.


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As the article points out, at times, the signs of a cheating spouse may be simple to spot but it’s important for you to remain calm and in control of your emotions. Gathering actual proof of infidelity is what you’re after, not jumping to false conclusions or wanting instant revenge.