The Top 5 Signs That Your Husband Is Cheating On You

by Johnny White

When you first suspect that your husband is cheating on you it usually starts with a gut instinct. But you can’t just go by your instinct. You will need to investigate things a little bit further. The first place to start is with some signs that your husband gives off. Some signs are more significant then others. I’m going to give you five of the more significant signs that you need to look out for.

Sign #1 Starts Fights: Your husband may try to start an argument just so he can get out of the house. This can also give him an excuse later on when you separate that the two of you just aren’t getting along anymore. If you find that the two of you are fighting all the time when you used to hardly ever fight, then you might want to look into where he is going after he heads out that door.

Sign #2 Helpful With Laundry: If your husband starts to do the laundry all the time there must be a reason as to why. It’s most likely because he is trying to hide the smell of his clothes or maybe he happened to forget something in one of his pockets. He may of even put his wedding ring in there. There has to be a reason why he wants to do the laundry. You need to find out what that reason is.

Sign #3 He Carries Condoms: You might be surprised to find that your husband is carrying condoms on him. He will do it if he thinks you won’t find them. This is only a problem if you are on the pill or haven’t been using condoms. Yet this is a sure sign if there ever was one. You may just want to take a peek into his wallet sometime.

Sign #4 Less Money In Checking Account: If the two of you share a checking account you may want to look into why there is a drop off in the amounts your husband is putting in there. There is a good chance that he is spending money elsewhere. His money could be being spent on fancy restaurants, gifts, and hotels for his other woman.

Sign #5 Joins The Gym: It is possible that he may want to lose weight. But if he always hated eating healthy and working out then this has got to be a legitimate sign. You may want to consider going to the gym with him. It’s always possible that he even uses the gym as excuse as a way to get away from you.

These five signs are not just any old signs. These are signs that are very significant that your husband is cheating on you. Now you have to investigate things a little bit more before you start accusing him of doing anything wrong.

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